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Those considering changing their career through retraining, just starting out, or wishing to upskill come to Te Rito Maioha for our range of early childhood education courses in Dunedin. Our Regional Education Centre (REC) in Dunedin provides a broad range of study options for both aspiring and experienced teachers. We have been given the highest quality rating by NZQA and are pleased to be recognised for our ECE expertise. More than 700 students have currently chosen to study early childhood education at Te Rito Maioha to gain in-depth knowledge and ECE qualifications based on the latest theories of learning.

Early Childhood Education Dunedin

We offer ECE courses from anywhere in the country through our eleven Regional Education Centres and online course options. This enables you to learn ECE in Dunedin, or from wherever it suits you. Our blended learning model includes attendance at in-person block courses, online study, and placements in centres for early childhood in Dunedin. Each programme incorporates the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi so that you can better understand its impact on children today. Below, we have provided an overview of what each programme has to offer.

Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Dunedin

If you have previously completed a degree, you do not need to start again when you decide to become a teacher. Instead, no matter the field of your previous studies, you can add on a Graduate Diploma of Teaching to become qualified to work as a teacher. This one-year programme enables students to study subjects such as culturally responsive teaching, learning and development theories, and inquiry into the impact of your teaching practices. If you have been a teacher internationally and wish to qualify to teach in Aotearoa|New Zealand, this diploma allows you to do so.

This course takes a blended approach to learning, with online study, block classes attended in person, and practical components. You will also take on some field-based learning in an ECE centre so that you can start using the concepts and techniques you learn right away.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Dunedin

If you want to take an undergraduate diploma in early childhood education to develop your teaching practices, we have three choices for you:

  • NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Home-based Care)
  • NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Pasifika)
  • NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Aperfield Montessori)

Each one takes a unique perspective on development throughout early childhood and how this affects teaching techniques. Take the Pasifika diploma to learn more about Pasifika ways of knowing and being. Study the Montessori diploma to learn about the philosophies behind Montessori teaching methods or complete the home-based care diploma to learn about how to care for children|tamariki in the home.

Each of these is studied online, although the Pasifika and Montessori diplomas also require attendance at block courses.

Teacher Education Refresher (TER) Courses in Dunedin
Those who have previously gained a teaching degree but have not gained a full practising certificate in the five years following may need to requalify as teachers. You can do this through the Teacher Education Refresher course, aimed at those wanting to work towards a practising certificate.

This programme is also suitable for teachers from overseas who want to become more familiar with Aotearoa|New Zealand’s learning and teaching environment.


ECE Degrees in Dunedin
Our Regional Education Centre in Dunedin offers three degree options for those who wish to learn more about education in Aotearoa|New Zealand.

Bachelor of Education (ECE) in Dunedin
Advance your career in the education industry by studying the Bachelor of Education (ECE). This degree is aimed at upskilling those in non-teaching roles to better understand early childhood education in Aotearoa|New Zealand.

If you are working in the education sector, this course of study builds knowledge that will assist you in roles such as social worker, youth worker, child advocate, and community strategic planner. This degree will not make you eligible to become a teacher, as the focus is on building knowledge around education in general rather than teaching. You will study topics such as digital literacy and the changing historical and political context’s impact on children|tamariki.

After completion of this degree, if you decide to become a teacher, you can then study the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (ECE) to qualify.

ECE Courses Dunedin

Bachelor of Teaching in Dunedin
We provide two study options that enable you to become a kaiako in Aotearoa|New Zealand:

  • Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)

Each of these is studied online alongside a practical placement in an educational setting so that you can immediately start implementing the new techniques and skills you gain. You will also attend block courses throughout the programme so that you can learn alongside your peers. Those wanting to study ECE teaching in Dunedin enjoy these degrees because of their unique blend of learning styles and practical components.

ECE Diploma to Degree Upgrade Programme
If you want to study the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) and you already have a teaching diploma, you can now complete the ECE Diploma to Degree Upgrade programme to qualify as a kaiako. It is studied online part-time and enables you to upgrade from a diploma to a degree so that you can work towards becoming a teacher.

Postgraduate ECE in Dunedin
Kaiako who want to upskill may consider studying one of our postgraduate ECE programmes. Each takes a unique perspective on learning so that you can explore a particular aspect of education in- depth. The postgraduate diplomas can be credited towards a Master of Education if you choose to continue studying.

  • Postgraduate Diploma: Infant and Toddler Learning and Development – Study this programme to learn all about three-year-olds and under. Gain insight into how toddlers and infants develop, grow, and learn in this research-driven course.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership (ECE) – Further your career by developing leadership skills that are beneficial in an ECE context. This course focuses on work-based leadership practices and comprises face-to-face courses and online learning.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership (ECE) Trans-Tasman Initiative – Learn alongside your peers across the Tasman in this postgraduate diploma. You will discover more about leading effective curriculum change, organisational culture, and leadership for social and educational change.
  • Master of Education (ECE) – Studying for a Master of Education in Dunedin allows you to learn about subjects such as organisational leadership, research methods, independent inquiry, and dialogic pedagogy.


Dunedin Regional Education Centre

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