Method of learning

Tikanga ako


Have the best of both worlds with blended delivery

Blended delivery

Puaki tūhono

Our blended delivery approach combines online with face-to-face learning. It is flexible and means that you can study from anywhere in New Zealand.

You will study online using the latest approaches and techniques. You will come together online with lecturers and other students every day as well as at the face-to-face block courses that usually take place a couple of times a year.

Our lecturers will support, guide and empower you throughout your programme. Other students will also play a supportive role in your success. 

Bases can be used for group study.


Block courses

Wāhanga kauhau

Face-to-face block courses take place across New Zealand and, with one programme, in Australia.

Block courses are usually held at one of our 11 regional bases. However, regional block courses are number dependent.


Centre-based learning


What is unique about us is that most of our programmes have centre-based study requirements.

This enables you to study and work at the same time and immediately put what you learn into practice in an ECE environment.