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If you want to learn ECE, come study with us at Te Rito Maioha. We are widely regarded as one of the best providers of early childhood education courses in Hastings, with a range of qualifications on offer. We have achieved the highest quality rating NZQA offers and now have more than 700 students enrolled with us to gain their ECE qualifications, whether they are learning online or in-person at one of our Regional Education Centres (RECs). We are proud to have 11 RECs around the country, so we do not only offer ECE courses in Hastings but across Aotearoa|New Zealand.

We provide a variety of programmes that are all founded on thorough research into the concepts behind teaching young children|tamariki. Study early childhood with us to prepare yourself for a range of roles, including kaiako, policy advisor, ECE centre manager, and more.

Education Centre Hastings

We take a blended approach to learning in our programmes, incorporating a mix of face-to-face, online, and practical learning techniques. When you enrol with us to study early childhood education in Hastings, you will learn more about the unique blend of cultures we have here in Aotearoa|New Zealand and how to best teach a range of students. We believe Te Tiriti o Waitangi must be honoured in all teaching and educational practices, so all our programmes have a bicultural focus.

Enrol at Te Rito Maioha to study early childhood in Hastings. We offer research-driven qualifications that help you to build the skills you need to be an effective teacher; keep reading to find out more about your study options.

Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Hastings
If you already hold an undergraduate degree, it could take you one year to qualify to work as a teacher in Aotearoa|New Zealand. No matter what your previous field of study was, you can become a teacher with the Graduate Diploma of Teaching. If you have taught internationally but are not eligible to teach here, then you can also add on this one-year diploma to start teaching in NZ.

With a focus on building your teaching skills, this programme is ideal for those who want to learn practical abilities that help them in the classroom. While studying online, you will also complete a practicum in an educational setting so that you can start using your new skills. Additionally, you will attend block courses in person, offering the opportunity to meet your cohort and learn together.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Hastings
We have three undergraduate diplomas available to our students:

  • NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Home-based Care)
  • NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Pasifika)
  • NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Aperfield Montessori)

These diplomas can be studied by qualified teachers looking to specialise but also by those who are unqualified and people already working in ECE. Each paper takes a unique perspective on ECE so that you can deepen your knowledge of a particular aspect of teaching young children|tamariki. Discover more about caring for infants and children in your home with the Home-Based Care Diploma or learn more about Pasifika communities with the Pasifika Diploma. Or you can choose to study the Aperfield Montessori Diploma to learn about the philosophy behind Montessori practices to become a Montessori trained teacher.

These programmes feature a mix of practical learning in a childcare centre, online education, and block courses attended face-to-face.

Teacher Education Refresher (TER) Courses in Hastings
If you have not achieved your full practising certificate five years after qualifying as a teacher, you may need to undertake a Teacher Education Refresher course. This is aimed at teachers that have let their certificate lapse, so whether you have taken a long break from study or simply not yet gained a full-time position, this course is for you.

International teachers who are unfamiliar with the learning environment in Aotearoa|New Zealand may also benefit from the TER course.

ECE Degrees in Hastings
If you are ready to gain an in-depth qualification that will grow your knowledge of education and childcare, you may consider studying towards one of our bachelor’s degrees.

Bachelor of Education (ECE) in Hastings
We have developed the Bachelor of Education for those who want to gain an understanding of education in Aotearoa|New Zealand but not become a teacher. This degree is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to know more about the field of education with an emphasis on early childhood education.

The knowledge developed during this programme would be helpful for those in roles such as child advocate, ECE centre manager, policy analyst, and more. Please note that this degree does not qualify you to become a teacher. Instead, it is intended to be taken by those who work in roles relating to children|tamariki or where they often interact with young kids.

This degree will further your understanding of human development, social identity, early childhood education theory, and cultural identity.

After completion of this course, you could then study the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (ECE) if you wish to carry on to become a teacher.

ECE Courses Hastings

Bachelor of Teaching in Hastings
We offer two Bachelor of Teaching degree options:

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Teach school-aged children in primary to intermediate school with our Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) qualification or become a ECE teacher with the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE). Study one of these options for primary or ECE teaching in Hastings to work towards becoming a qualified teacher.

Course content for these programmes are delivered online and you will gain practical experience in educational environments, working directly with children|tamariki on a weekly basis. Additionally, each of these programmes include block courses that you attend alongside your cohort.

ECE Diploma to Degree Upgrade Programme
We often find that students start by studying an ECE diploma before realising that they would like to become a teacher. In this case, you do not need to start from the beginning again. Simply study our ECE Diploma to Degree Upgrade Programme to transform your diploma into a full undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate ECE in Hastings
Many kaiako who have worked in ECE for a long time enjoy upskilling to challenge themselves and stay engaged in their careers. Study one of the many options we offer to postgraduate students, no matter how long it has been since you obtained your initial degree. If you complete a postgraduate diploma and are not ready to finish your learning, this can become part of a Master of Education.

  • Postgraduate Diploma: Infant and Toddler Learning and Development – With an emphasis on under 3s, the Postgraduate Diploma: Infant and Toddler Learning and Development is popular amongst ECE kaiako. Acquire deeper knowledge about how infants and toddlers grow, develop, and learn with this programme.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership (ECE) – If you wish to advance your career but feel that you require a better understanding of leadership, this diploma might be suited to you. Grow your leadership practice in an ECE setting with this course’s blend of in-person and online learning.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership (ECE) Trans-Tasman Initiative – Australian and New Zealand ECE leaders work in similar ECE contexts, although they do have their unique differences. Learn about these alongside a cohort of Australian leaders with whom you can share your skills and knowledge.
  • Master of Education (ECE) – Our fully online Master of Education in Hastings has proved popular amongst kaiako from a range of backgrounds. Study biculturalism, infant and toddler pedagogy, ECE leadership, and inclusive education through this comprehensive course.


Hastings Regional Education Centre

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