Let’s get the regulation balance right by focusing on education 

“Te Rito Maioha has been working with sector leaders calling for a review of regulations as part of a systemic change in early childhood education outlining the changes that are required for the sector, through three different education Ministers and two Ministers responsible for Early Childhood Education,” says Kathy Wolfe, Te Rito Maioha CE.

“As an ECE sector leader representing ECE providers and teachers, Te Rito Maioha is extremely pleased this process is finally underway and congratulates Minister Seymour for his perseverance.”

“There is a real need to simplify regulations to support quality education delivery, without over-burdening ECE services and teachers with repetitive, labour-intensive paperwork from multiple government agencies.”

“But we need to emphasise, ECE is about the wellbeing and education of our youngest tamariki. We are not babysitters!” says Mrs Wolfe. “We are high quality providers and teachers who have a role in supporting longitudinal education outcomes for tamariki as they transition through the education system.”  

“The new Ministry for Regulation must understand that quality education and care is the key ingredient to educating and developing our tamariki, and that must be central in their deliberations when assessing what rules and regulations are beneficial.”

“The review should not solely focus on cost.”

“We urge the Minister to ensure the review has a solid understanding of ECE from an educational standpoint. Acknowledging the ‘least cost way’ might not be the most beneficial and safe way forward for children. The Minister’s acknowledgement of the value of school lunches verses the cost is a good example of cost not being the sole determining factor.”

“This review must be a very positive step forward, but the sector has been a victim of inadequate consultation, so we wait, ready and willing to assist with the review.”

Let’s get the balance right (between overregulated and under regulated) and put the education and the wellbeing of our tamariki at the centre of the review.”

“That said, the government needs to take a more comprehensive look at the ECE sector,” says Mrs Wolfe,” and the issues which are causing teachers to leave, providers to go under, and fees to continue to increase. We urge the Minister to consider the other four points in our five-point plan and take a comprehensive approach to building a healthier ECE sector.”


Te Rito Maioha’s Five Point Plan:
  1.  Improve child-teacher ratios – currently among the worst in the OECD – so that tamariki can thrive, learn and be safe with quality education and attention from teachers.
  2. Create and implement a meaningful strategic workforce plan to attract, retain and develop a professional, culturally responsive ECE teaching workforce from within Aotearoa New Zealand and continue to invest in initial teacher education as a priority across all education sectors.
  3. Fund ECE services sufficiently to deliver quality education to tamariki and pay kaiako what they are worth, fairly and equitably without charging high fees to parents.
  4. Urgently replace the outdated, dysfunctional ECE funding model to meet the real needs of today’s working whānau, tamariki and ECE services. 
  5. Simplify regulations to support quality education delivery without over-burdening ECE services with repetitive, labour-intensive paperwork from multiple government agencies.

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