Te Rito Maioha works with you!

‘Te Rito Maioha works around my lifestyle, my whānau, and my mahi, so it kinda ticked all my boxes.’  This is what Reihana Ahpene had to say about why she chose to study with us.


Reihana started our Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) this year after completing a level 5 Diploma with another provider last year.


‘Where I did my placement pushed me,’ says Reihana. 


‘They offered me a job within the first two weeks of my being there.  When I told them that I’d already done some study, they told me that they’ll support me to do some more study, this time with Te Rito Maioha.’


Reihana says the support she’s receiving from where she works is extremely important, as she’s juggling work and study, and raising a bright young man. 


‘Last year my son was doing his NZCA level 1 and I was doing my Dip.  We had a credit competition, which was good for both of us.  We would do homework together, but he would also see me being a Mum. 


‘You know, Mums usually do Mum duties, but he said that I was an inspiration to him, and that’s what I want to keep doing. 


‘I keep saying to him “stay in school, get your education and get a job” but of course he’d keep on saying, “What about yours? Where is your tōku, Mum?” and I’m saying “I’m working on it” and I actually am now!’


When asked about who’s winning, Reihana says, ‘He’s already beating me on credits, so I’ve got to catch up!’


We’re all cheering you on Reihana!

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