Kathy Wolfe

Support for the Education Council’s initial teacher education (ITE) focus

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand is supportive of the Education Council’s initial teacher education (ITE) focus.

“We are happy to lend support to initiatives that help build capable and confident early childhood education (ECE) teachers, and ensure quality learning outcomes for young children.” says Te Rito Maioha Chief Executive, Kathy Wolfe. 

“We are pleased by decisions to strengthen the practicum content of teacher preparation programmes by requiring closer relationships between the ITE provider, student teacher, and associate teacher at the ECE service involved.

“This aligns with the approach Te Rito Maioha is already taking in our programmes. We offer sound professional learning for associate and liaison teachers, which enables strong relationships in the mentoring of ECE student teachers.”

Kathy says Te Rito Maioha is keen to see development of a strong evidence base to inform future decisions on ITE, such as postgraduate ITE qualifications. 

“Until there is stronger evidence about ITE graduate outcomes in New Zealand, we think it is wise to allow a range of pathways.   

“Most Te Rito Maioha students are employed in ECE services while they study with us. This provides them with a unique opportunity to put their learning into practice every day.”

Kathy also says Te Rito Maioha is pleased to see the inclusive approach the Education Council is going to take to build learning support knowledge into ITE programmes, and set competency levels for te reo and tikanga Māori for graduating English-medium ITE students. 

“Likewise, we support the Education Council’s new initiative to support Māori-medium settings (including ECE) to grow their kaiako workforce.”

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