Strengthening indigenous connections in Australia

Te Rito Maioha Trans-Tasman graduate, Kristy O’Toole, was recently featured in an article highlighting her ECE centre's commitment to strengthening indigenous connections in it's community in Victoria, Australia.


We spoke to Kristy about how studying with us has helped her grow as an ECE professional.


“The Trans-Tasman Post Graduate programme has helped me grow immensely as a professional and ensured that I reflect on my current practices while considering pedagogical change in my service,” said Kristy.


“The course allowed for the sharing of knowledge amongst colleagues. We also learnt about the value of developing a community of practice.


“The reading material provided us with current and relevant research that enabled knowledge to grow. Learning more about the Māori culture and visiting numerous ECE facilities while on block courses in Wellington proved invaluable learning.”


Kristy said her desire to want to do better came from seeing theory being put into practice by educators who were proud of their heritage.


“With each assignment, the wonderful lecturers provided feedback and the conversations we had all contributed to developing richer understandings.


“The key message for me was, you never stop learning and I just can’t stay quiet now.”

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