Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership began this week

The first block course for Te Rito Maioha’s Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership (ECE) began this week. We spoke to two students about their choice to further their education with us.

Sarah Knipping, a qualified ECE teacher at a Wellington Early Childhood Education (ECE) service is new to a leadership role and was looking to gain skills to help her be a more effective leader.


“I’d like to pursue more leadership opportunities, so I felt this would be a good stepping stone to arming me with knowledge,” says Sarah, who also sees this as an opportunity to meet and network with others from the ECE sector.


Sarah’s decision to study with us stemmed from being ‘wowed’ by what Te Rito Maioha students she has supervised were learning. “There is a real sense of connection with people and tikanga and you really see Te Whāriki as a living thing coming through in Te Rito Maioha’s students,” she says.


Another student, Geena Fagan, a new Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) graduate, is extending her qualification with this Postgraduate Diploma. Geena says that she often comes across situations in centres that require leadership and mentoring skills. “I would really like some strategies to help me in these situations and boost my confidence. That’s why I enrolled in this programme.”


Geena says she loves what Te Rito Maioha is about. “I love the people. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming so it just made sense.”

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