Great to see most early childhood education (ECE) services meet or exceed standards

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand is pleased that 98% of licensed ECE services meet or exceed Ministry of Education standards. 


‘Parents will be happy to know that by far the majority of our youngest tamariki are in good hands, and receiving a strong start to their lifelong learning,’ says Te Rito Maioha Chief Executive, Kathy Wolfe.  


‘That said, any practice that has a negative impact on tamariki is unacceptable.  However, it is good to see the Ministry of Education being transparent in reporting complaint levels and engaging fairly when investigating complaints, including exercising its powers to suspend or cancel licences when services are in serious breach of the standards.’


Ms Wolfe says shining a light on complaints and how they are dealt with is the correct way to create the right culture.


‘Every complaint received presents the ECE sector with an opportunity to do better – this is true at the individual, service and system level. 


‘We want parents and teachers to feel that they can raise issues and have them taken seriously. They must feel confident in going to the Ministry of Education if they are not satisfied with how an ECE service has handled their complaint. Equally, we want services to feel safe in going to the Ministry of Education for advice and support when managing complaints.’   


Ms Wolfe says key to maintaining and improving ECE standards is having qualified teachers who are equipped to teach Te Whāriki. 


‘This is why it is imperative that the government increase ECE sector funding so all services can afford to employ the number of qualified teachers that they need to deliver our early learning curriculum.’

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