Ko wai mātou

About ECNZ

About Early Childhood NZ - Become a teacher

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand (ECNZ) is a leading provider of new knowledge, fresh thinking and best practice in early childhood education and care. Our focus is to achieve higher standards of education and care for the children of Aotearoa.


We are a membership organisation and tertiary institution specialising in early childhood education.  We deliver qualifications of the highest standard and our graduates are held in high regard.

Our courses reflect our bicultural focus. They also blend face-to-face and online learning with the experience of working in a classroom. 

Our graduates enter the workplace with more than 1500 hours of experience. They have a good understanding of the theories that underpin practice. Our graduates also have the ability to incorporate te reo and tikanga Māori into their teaching practice, which enriches the learning environment for young children.


‘Te rito’ (the new shoot at the centre of the harakeke) symbolises the young child or student, embarking on a journey of growth and having limitless potential. ‘Maioha’ means held in high regard, deeply respected.  A literal translation of ‘Te Rito Maioha’ is ‘the treasured shoot’ and is the name we have taken to display how much we value the ECE sector and those who seek to improve it through efforts in furthering their education and knowledge.


Our guiding beliefs
Ō mātou whakapono ārahitanga

  • Every child has the right to high-quality education and care that compliments and supports their family’s life.
  • Every child in New Zealand has the right to know and enjoy the dual cultural heritage of te Tiriti o Waitangi partners along with his/her own cultural heritage.
  • Teachers in early childhood education should be qualified and hold the same status in the compulsory sector.
  • People working in early childhood education need access to high-quality teacher education, advice, information, resources and a “voice” in decision-making that affects young children and their families.