'Nurturing potential, building strength'

Whāngaia kia kaha


At Te Rito Maioha we believe that every child has the right to high quality education and care.  To help with this we are providing early childhood teachers and managers access to affordable Professional Learning and Development (PLD) online and all around New Zealand.



Induction and Mentoring Supervision

Posted on 11/14/2019
Join us to find out about this upcoming PLD opportunity. The Induction and Mentoring Supervision PLD will offer support for qualified ECE teachers who are working towards gaining their full


Terrific two-year olds! 4-5pm Webinar

Posted on 5/1/2019
This online webinar will identify the key aspects of wellbeing and development for 2-year olds as they navigate learning in a group setting.


Infants and Toddlers - Auckland

Posted on 5/1/2019
Investigate high quality curriculum experiences for infants and toddlers with Te Rito Maioha and develop your knowledge and understanding in this specialist area.


Big Body Play

Posted on 5/1/2019
Wellington - Come and learn how rough play positively impacts every area of a child’s development.mythology and movement.

Online workshops


Education for Sustainability

Posted on 10/4/2019
This webinar series reviews the UNWCE’s definition of sustainability, and why education for sustainability is important.


Specialised Emergency Warden Course

Posted on 11/14/2019
This course outlines the duties Wardens have when an emergency situation occurs. The information is specific to the Early Childhood Education Sector so it is relatable and relevant. Each topic and all information has been researched, gathered and tes