Alike and Different, One and Many

Alike and Different, One and Many

Alike and Different, One and Many

Date: Saturday 25 May 2019 from 9.00am to 3.00pm

Join two of our early childhood colleagues from across the Tasman in Melbourne who want to show their solidarity in a practical way by offering to facilitate a one-day forum.

Recent events demand empathy, respect and deep reflection on the meaning of these experiences to minimise harm and build children’s resilience and optimism.

The forum will be addressing two inter-connected topics that affect your work as educators:

  1. Helping children to make meaning of tragic events; and
  2. Addressing diversity and difference in ways that go beyond the superficial and stereotypical.

The workshop will include presentations, a facilitated panel conversation, small group work, and many opportunities for participants to share their experiences, insights, questions and reflections.

5/25/2019 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Ministry of Education Cnr Hereford & Cambridge St CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND

The workshop facilitators are:

Anne Stonehouse AM has been an early childhood professional for over 46 years and has worked as an independent consultant for over fourteen years. She has authored numerous resources, including books, videos, training kits, articles and booklets on a variety of topics in early childhood education and care. She was a member of the Charles-Sturt-University-based consortium that wrote the national Early Years Learning Framework. Since its launch in 2009 she has been involved in many projects related to the EYLF and the nature of excellence in pedagogy, particularly with under three-year olds. She adapted Jim Greenman’s What Happened to MY World? for the Australian context. 

Anne initiated and chaired the national Working Party for Early Childhood Australia (ECA) from 1988-1990 that developed the original Code of Ethics. In recognition of her contribution to children and children’s services, Anne was appointed a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia in 1999.

Michelle Gujer is the Manager of the Children’s Programme at Gowrie Victoria-Broadmeadows Valley. A 30-year career in leadership and management of early childhood services in a range of different communities signifies her commitment to fostering the development of educators through supportive leadership, mentoring and shared decision making to lead change that enriches team development.  Michelle has experience in supporting vulnerable communities and is committed to building community partnerships and engaging families as children's first educators. She believes these relationships are fundamental to enrich a community approach to support teaching and learning and ensure best possible outcomes for everyone.