Alert Levels vary by Region



Auckland is at Step 1 of Alert Level 3. This will be reviewed on Monday 1 November.


Parts of Waikato are at Alert Level 3. This will be reviewed on Wednesday 27 October. 

The remainder of the country remains at Alert Level 2.


Cases and locations of interest

Updates on COVID-19 cases can be found on the Ministry of Health website here with locations of interest for cases listed here

Vaccination and testing requirements

There are a number of new resources to support services in navigating the Covid-19 vaccination and testing requirements announcement:


Normalising Masks Resource

Our tamariki are increasingly being exposed to mask wearing in their day-to-day life.   We have been granted permission to share the attached resource with our members. It is on normalising mask wearing and developed by Nicola Woollaston.  Nicola is the Team Leader, Hospital Play Services, Starship Children’s Health and a member of ECAC alongside Kathy Wolfe. You can access this resource here.

All early learning services can open in Level 3

At Alert Level 3 early learning services can be open. There is no limitation on who can work and may need to use an early learning service.
Resources are available online to support parents, whānau and caregivers to enable children’s learning from home (or wherever they’re based). To support this, there are resources and guidance available on the MOE Learning from Home website.

The Ministry of Education have more information on opening at Level 3 here.

Operating in Level 2

Level 2 looks a little different this time to cater for the Delta variant.  This is to help to reduce the risk of super spreader events and the chance of future lockdowns. 

The Ministry of Education have more information on opening at Level 2 here.

Mandatory record keeping is now in effect. Scanning is required at any place where there is close contact.  You should already have your QR scanning posters displayed. Please ensure all visitors to your service either scan this or complete a paper record. Templates are available here.

Remember - these guidelines apply at every level to help keep everyone safe:

  • Everyone must stay home if they're sick, no exceptions 
  • Masks are recommended when you leave your house
  • Hygiene measures of washing hands regularly, and cleaning hard surfaces regularly all remain in place 
  • Be sure you get your advice from official channels such as the Ministry of Education and COVID website.