Wellington stays at COVID-19 Alert Level 2 until 29 June.


The Wellington Region will remain at Level 2 until midnight on Tuesday 29 June.

The rest of Aotearoa New Zealand remains at Alert Level 1. 

Information about education Alert Level 2 requirements can be viewed here.

Updates on COVID-19 cases can be found on the Ministry of Health website here with locations of interest for the Wellington cases listed here


ECE in level 2 for Wellington:

  • Centres can open as normal
  • If you have staff or whānau who have been at locations of interest, please make sure they contact Healthline and get tested and self-isolate as required.


Remember - these guidelines apply at every level to help keep everyone safe:

  • Everyone must stay home if they're sick, no exceptions 
  • Hygiene measures of washing hands regularly, and cleaning hard surfaces regularly all remain in place
  • Encourage everyone to scan in to your centre
  • Be sure you get your advice from official channels such as the Ministry of Education and COVID website.