Student membership

The discounted Student Membership package is for students currently enrolled in a teacher education programme with Te Rito Maioha. If you are looking to enrol as a student with us, please click here. 

Annual fee - $39

Student members enjoy

  • Weekly e-newsletter, Member Update, with the latest news and information on early childhood education (ECE) sector developments and initiatives
  • A quarterly magazine, Iti Rearea, with ECE research, management and wider interest articles
  • Seeing their voice reflected in Te Rito Maioha's ECE advocacy
  • Discounted rates for professional learning and development programmes
  • Discounted rates for attending Te Rito Maioha's annual conference

What your membership means to us

Your membership and participation in our programmes and events, and the fees you pay, allow Te Rito Maioha to champion our members' collective interests and ensure our tamarki enjoy positive early learning experiences