Advisory Groups

We represent our members and advocate for wider ECE sector interests at sector advisory groups, hosted or sponsored by education agencies, as listed below.

We report on issues of interest arising from the meetings of these groups via our weekly newsletter, Member Update. Members can read notes from these meetings on the report back page.

ECE sector groups:

Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC)


To foster a relationship between Government and the ECE sector to share information, provide feedback on policy proposals, identify strategic challenges and opportunities, and achieve common goals


Members can read Chief Executive Kathy Wolfe's notes here.

Early Learning Strategic Plan Reference Group


To support the Strategic Plan Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) and the Ministry of Education to develop a shared vision and road map to give effect to the Government's vision for early learning

Early Childhood Education Advisory Group

To provide the Education Council with advice in respect of any of the Council’s role or responsibilities relating to teachers, students and others in the field of ECE

Wider education sector groups:

Investing in Educational Success

To lift student achievement as well as offering new career opportunities for teachers and principals. This is mostly around the development, implementation and evaluation of Kahui Ako ¦Communities of Learning

Integrated Education Data Sector Advisory Group

To provide advice and guidance to the Ministry of Education on its five-year programme aimed at making education data more accessible for teachers to support children to get better outcomes

Building on Success for All Forum

To enable the Ministry of Education to engage with the education sector on Learning Support initiatives

Ministerial Cross-Sector Forum on Raising Achievement

To provide collaborative cross-sector leadership and advice to the Minister on raising achievement for 5 out of 5 learners

Vulnerable Children Act Sector Advisory Group

To help the Ministry of Education implement the Vulnerable Children Act for the education sector

Teacher Registration and Certification Advisory Group

To provide advice to the Education Council on the review of registration, certification and limited authority to teach policy, legislative requirements and the interim policy

National Education Leaders Partnership To collectively influence the shape and direction of government's education policy in areas of common interest.

Members can read Chief Executive Kathy Wolfe's notes here.

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